Lesbian Bed Death - 'Evil Never Dies'

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Lesbian Bed Death - 'Evil Never Dies'

More varied song structure and introduction of different stylistic ideas would have worked wonders on the group's material,

Their penchant for Horror-esque aesthetics and an original band name aside, what Lesbian Death Bed stand for musically is contemporary Female-Fronted Hard Rock. The group also cites Glam, Punk and Gothic to have served as their source of inspiration. As their fifth album 'Evil Never Dies' reveals, they didn't change their course musically, even in spite of ever-frequent personnel shifts within the band.

The album is eleven songs in total, each of them being a combination of guitar-driven, contemporary Rock and lyrics which are deliberately Alice Cooper-esque in style (minus the obvious differences in perspective). The band's singer Sienna Venom – one of the latest additions to its line-up – blasts through each track with ease, her voice being one of the better aspects of the overall performance on the album. On the other hand, the musical content remains relatively uninspired, the impression being that every song on '...Dies' is built around the same scheme as its predecessor.

This may or may not be equal to the band's lack of ideas, though. For example, the Americana-tinged outro to 'Satan In The Swamps' seems to contradict such an assumption and so does a heavy, lumbering 'Church Of V' – the latter being a female take on clearly Black Sabbath-esque sound aesthetics. The Punky 'Drag Me To Hell' is furious and raw, its roughness adding a bit of a different vibe to otherwise polished material. If only such ideas had been introduced to the band's sound more often, or given more space on the album, Lesbian Bed Death would have avoided the accusations of repetitiveness every band dreads.

More varied song structure and introduction of different stylistic ideas would have worked wonders on the group's material. Otherwise, 'Evil Never Dies' leaves the listener with an uneasy impression of the album being comprised of one, long track; not an album of the year for certain. It's quite a shame, especially since the band's Horror-esque image, cinematic inclinations and witty lyrics flavoured with dark humour, would have exerted a remarkable effect if presented against a more interesting background. Maybe it's not too late for a lesson on how to scare and Rock in one breath from Cooper himself...?

Alexandra Mrozowska

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