The Outlaws - 'Legacy Live'

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The Outlaws - 'Legacy Live'

Hopefully just the beginning of a new chapter of The Outlaws and their outstanding music.

Well, what can be written about these Southern Rock legends? Volumes actually! The Outlaws have a huge and, at times, tragic history that spans over four decades. Despite the periods of upheaval, tragedy and heartache, the group has continued to speak and sing their message creating a legacy of music that will be remembered long after they are gone. They continue to write and create music that was, and still is timeless, full of Southern melody and Rocking performances!

Now, with a fierce determination, TO continue to explore new musical plateaus and all the while proudly celebrate their own legacy. 'Legacy Live' is a living recorded release of what has made this group living legends! All their cutting-edge Southern Rock songs are here with twenty-one tracks spread over two discs. The performances are smooth, harmonious and full of energy all showcased during a live set that sounds just like they did some thirty odd years ago – fresh!

Henry Paul and Monte Yoho continue to stoke the fires that make up TO. Even if some of the "flames" are new, what we hear is veteran Outlaws and is it ever so sweet! What this modern sextet lays down in concert is certainly a musical journey that solidifies the lasting appeal of the Southern Rock style of harmony. Performances that show us just why these six are true musical legends!

'Legacy Live' is hopefully just the beginning of a new chapter of The Outlaws and their outstanding music.

Bruce E.J. Atkinson

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