Forever Road - 'Forever Road'

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Forever Road - 'Forever Road'

If you like Southern Rock, this is a lighter version with a modern sound, and comes highly recommended.

Once in a while an album comes along that can change one's opinion of a style of music and 'Forever Road' could be classed as one of them. When I received this album and read the biography, where it stated they had been nominated for three Australian Country music awards, I must admit to a little "cringe". This four-piece band hails from Brisbane, Australia and consists of Jake Gilroy (vocals/guitar), Clem Gilroy (bass), Brian Foulds (drums) and Dan Veyro (lead guitar). Formed in 2010, the band have self-released this debut album and what a great set of songs it contains too.

'You're A Part of Me' sets us off on the 'Forever Road' journey and the one thing you pick up on straight away is the distinct vocals of Gilroy who could have been snatched straight out of the Midwest. The guitar sound is rockier than you would expect and Veyro is certainly not afraid to use a whole array of chords. 'Oh Yeah' and 'Believe' are big slabs of Americana with more hooks than a fishing pole. The album gains pace and each song gets slightly heavier, and then we come to the bass-laden 'I'm God Damn Country', and here you can still feel the Country in the background, but boy does it have a heavy beat and a shout out chorus; I think this would shake the Grand Olde Opry to the ground!

'Pinched' could have been stolen from a Georgia Satellites album, and with a great deep groove, it's a song that definitely hits the boogie button. Lyrically, it's totally Country and even has a truck in it – what more could a cowboy want? 'Time To Meet The Aborigine' finds Gilroy sounding like Johnny Van Zant on a song that's reminiscent of the recent output from Lynyrd Skynyrd; it's beautifully played and who couldn't love a song with a bit of didgeridoo in the mix. This release finishes with 'Bright Side Of The Rainbow', a beautiful and delicate song to close out an album full of Country/Southern styles mixed in with a huge slab of Ayers Rock.

This was a complete surprise to me, but the guys have produced a debut to be proud of. You can hear the influences of today's Rock sounds cleverly blended with a touch of Country. If you like Southern Rock, this is a lighter version with a modern sound, and comes highly recommended.

Mick Parry

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