Arrayan Path - 'Dawn Of Aquarius'

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Arrayan Path - 'Dawn Of Aquarius'

An extremely well-made Power Metal album that will delight fans of Kamelot, Helloween and other European power titans.

If you like a bit of drama with your Power Metal, Arrayan Path might be right up your alley. In the past, they've happily dabbled with the likes of Greek and Christian mythology, and for their new release, it's the turn of the Hindu Goddess Kali, who gets the entire album all to herself. Sometimes I miss the days when all bands sang about were sex and cars...

Seriously though, Arrayan Path put a lot of work into their music and it's evident throughout this sixty-odd minute epic. As ever with concept albums, the listener gets the choice of getting right into the guts of the lyrics or just enjoying the music, and as with the best ones, 'Dawn Of Aquarius' serves both approaches well. The music is rather solid Power Metal with all the expected thunderous drumming and widdly guitars, but the best part is the high, powerful vocals from Nicholas Leptos who hits high notes with a rare passion that takes me back to Helloween's glory days.

Although definitely Power Metal, don't expect the breakneck anthems of Dragonforce and their ilk, as Arrayan Path use more subtlety in their approach. There's still plenty of powerful stuff here, backed up by titles like 'She Who Is Primordial Wisdom' that will scare anyone who doesn't read books. The tracks range from three and a half to six and a half minutes, with the longest – 'So Shall It Be Written' – being one of the best. It's a tough distinction, however, as there's no bad tracks here at all.

I'm sure that if you've taken the Arrayan Path in the past, then you'll need no encouragement for another trip as 'Dawn Of Aquarius' may be their best yet. Newcomers need not be put off by the highbrow concept because I can assure you that at heart this is an extremely well-made Power Metal album that will delight fans of Kamelot, Helloween and other European power titans. This is definitely one path that deserves to be well trodden.

Alan Holloway

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