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Jizzy Pearl / Doomsday Outlaw

Jizzy Pearl / Doomsday Outlaw - Camden Underworld, London (UK) - 13 May 2018

It might be my imagination, but opener Doomsday Outlaw appeared to deliver a funkier set than the last time I saw them. There was also an underlying boogie to the set that, at times, reminds me of AC/DC crossed with Southern Rock. The crowd are appreciative of a quality performance, one member shouting out "you're sounding fuckin' great" unprompted. It seems Frontiers are right to see their potential.

Doomsday Outlaw Live

Jizzy Pearl opens justifiably confident with a track off his new album called 'High For An Eye'. He's a perennial favourite with his loyal Underworld attendees and whilst it is difficult for him to put a foot wrong in their eyes, it is a double win for him that the material off his new album is excellent and the show starts well, and as he means to go on. He also doesn't keep them waiting long for old favourites like 'Fuel To Run', the audience showing that they know all the words causing Pearl to quip "yeah, come on, sing all the words like it's a Vince Neil concert"; he has nothing if not a dry wit and the crowd does not disappoint.

Jizzy Pearl Live 2

Pearl has wisely backed himself with excellent musicians and the funky bass, for which the band is known, does not disappoint either, sounding just like the original even though Pearl has a UK band solely dedicated to his frequent visits here. Furthermore, the blistering Rock 'n' Roll guitar evident on the new record is also delivered well despite the different personnel, so this is a slick machine.

Combine this with that the fact that the audience seem determined to have a good time and by four songs in, they are not only singing, but also pogo dancing – the recipe is there for a great show which does not run amiss. The audience is also not without wit and when Pearl announces he will meet and greet at the merch stand, someone responds with the famous "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" melody from 'She's An Angel'; it's a little prematurely, although Pearl does play it a couple of tracks later.

Jizzy Pearl Live 3

There's a lot of good feeling in the crowd, no doubt, and by the time 'Don't Fuck With Me', which despite its aggressive title is ironically a song for diversity and peace, there is a noticeable New Year's midnight drunks' "I love you" feel pervasive throughout the pit. Pearl is now in the zone, orchestrating all he sees and thanks the crowd "one million fucking times", doing the now much rarer trade mark hob nail hop forward from his earlier days. Doing a victory salute, he announces, "the spirit of Rock 'n' Roll is alive" and despite 'Blackout' being the last song on the set-list, they proceed following the great reaction to do the title track from the new album 'All You Need Is Soul', which is much heavier live than on record, and still finishing with the old favourite 'One More Round'.

Jizzy Pearl Live 4

All in all, this return was more special than usual as Jizzy Pearl has returned with new and strong material showing that his visit to the UK is not only a celebration of past glories but also a living, breathing endeavour. We surely will miss him when he's gone, let's hope that's not any time soon.

Review and photos by Dawn Osborne

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