Alexis - 'Birds Of Prey'

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Alexis - 'Birds Of Prey'

The brainchild of vocalist Freddy Alexis from Chile.

Pitch Black Records are certainly scouring the world in search of worthy talent, and here we have the brainchild of vocalist Freddy Alexis from Chile whose debut album 'Birds Of Prey' is ably supported by guitarists Julian Jabbaz and Gino Mikanovic plus bassist Alex Cofre and drummer Juan Ulloa.

It's an album that features many fine musical moments and some great performances. Unfortunately, it is also an album that is rather a pot pourri stylistically and could, perhaps, have done with a complete rethinking of the track sequencing to allow for a better flow of the music! I do read the thoughts of fellow reviewers both in magazines and on the Web, and I am perhaps amongst the most forgiving when it comes to the short instrumental introductions that now seemingly grace an increasing proportion of rock and metal releases. We have one here, (imaginatively?) called 'Intro'. And it's just over a minute of superb symphonic rock. It left me feeling buoyed up for what was to follow…only to be somewhat deflated by a completely different set of styles actually encompassed on this release. These instrumental intros only really work if there is some commonality with what follows. What follows here is a mixture of power metal/hard rock ('Golden Path', 'Friendly Fire', 'Breaking The Spell') and traditional heavy metal ('Shadows', 'Birds Of Prey', 'Metalizer II') followed by a short but weird 'instrumental' 'Forest' - whose purpose and intention for inclusion is anybody's guess - followed by three remixed earlier songs by Freddy Alexis, the first of which ('Without You') serves to reveal yet another successful musical strand: acoustic melodic rock. The remaining two remixes ('The Witchblade' and 'Killing Truth') are more akin to the other power metal songs on display, and the first of these is as good as anything else on the entire release.

Freddy Alexis has a great voice and the best of what is to be found on 'Birds Of Prey' suggests that he is a precious talent that needs careful nurturing in order to make the killer album of which I personally feel he is capable. So far, the evidence is that Alexis is merely a work in progress. The somewhat basic hard rock outing 'Golden Path' may be found on the cover CD with this magazine. I also recommend seeking out a listen to 'Friendly Fire' and 'The Witchblade' from the power metal side of things; as these most clearly demonstrate the direction that Freddy Alexis could most successfully follow. On the other hand, 'Metalizer II' is an enormous traditional metal number and reveals another side of the guy's vocal prowess and finds him in territory more usually associated with the likes of Rob Halford!

Paul Jerome Smith

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