The New Roses - 'Nothing But Wild'

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The New Roses - 'Nothing But Wild'

Lively, entertaining, uplifting, no-frills, guitar-based Rock 'n' Roll.

Of all the newish bands who have appeared on my radar in the past couple of years, The New Roses are probably the ones who have become one of my most-listened-to artists. The quartet from the Rheingau district of Germany released their debut 'Without A Trace' in 2013 and followed it up with 'Dead Man's Voice' in 2016, but it was 2017's 'One More For The Road' that really made me sit up and take notice. Why? The simple answer is because they took their ultra-Americanised brand of blue-collar, kick-ass Rock 'n' Roll and infused it with a little Outlaw Country flavour, most notably on the title-track and the brilliant single 'Life Ain't Easy (For A Boy With Long Hair)', and the results were hugely enjoyable.

What does album number four 'Nothing But Wild' offer? In short, much more of the same but with two notable differences. Firstly, vocalist Timmy Rough (whose raspy style reminds me very much of the late, great Steve Lee of Gotthard) isn't singing in quite the same high register as he used to and I honestly think he sounds all the better for it. The other difference is the songs; these guys have already demonstrated they can write a decent tune, but on 'Nothing But Wild' they've taken that ability to brilliant new heights with huge sing-along choruses and massive harmonies that hit you from all sides throughout.

First single 'Down By The River' is a perfect example that you really should have checked out by now, but other tracks like 'Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll', 'Heartache', 'Running Out Of Hearts' and 'Unknown Territory' keep that high standard maintained. Opening cut 'Soundtrack Of My Life' is the hardest rocking song on the release, but it still has a great chorus.

The Country-ish influence is also still in evidence, but only really noticeable on the ballads 'The Bullet' and 'The Only Thing', the acoustic-based but lively 'Meet Me Halfway' and Southern-tinged closer 'Glory Road'. There are also two acoustic bonus tracks, namely 'Down By The River' and 'Fight You Leaving Me',

They're a great live act too, so when they reach these shores again I heartily recommend you go and check them out. 'Nothing But Wild' is lively, entertaining, uplifting, no-frills, guitar-based Rock 'n' Roll and I doubt you will find a better album of its ilk anywhere else this year.

Ant Heeks

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