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FIREWORKS #95 AVAILABLE NOW (in shops March 18th)!

While during the recent Covid pandemic some of our peers have reduced page count to a ludicrously low 74 pages, the latest issue of Fireworks, for only 99p more, offers an ASOUNDING 164 pages – more than DOUBLE the amount as WELL as a free CD offering over 100 tracks, including Helloween, Powerwolf, Dee Snider, Myles Kennedy, Axel Rudi Pell, Paul Gilbert, Burning Witches, Bonnie Tyler .... and many, MANY more! You want VALUE FOR MONEY? Fireworks is the answer!

Our cover feature sees a 5 page in-depth article chatting to Michael Weikath and Michael Kiske on the return of the Magnificent Seven, as Helloween stun the world with their latest release.

For those hankering for something a little further back in the Melodic Rock time-line we have Barry Goudreau in a 5-page feature talking about his new project The Engine Room, as well as looking back on his time featuring on the first two classic Boston albums....not to mention RTZ and Orion: The Hunter.

Back in the day, Dee Snider showed Tipper Gore the intelligent face of Hard Rock and Metal as he argued with her PMRC. Not one to remain retired for long, he's back with a Modern Rock classic, and as opinionated as ever he's here to tell us all about it!

Add to this over 40 interviews with the likes of Powerwolf, STYX, Burning Witches, Axel Rudi Pell, Burning Witches, Cheap Trick, Styx, FM, Valentine, Helix, Hardline, Pop Evil, Saga, 3 Doors Down, Hardline, Frost*, Paul Gilbert, Dennis DeYoung, Doogie White, Toby Hitchcock, Midnite City, Gilby Clarke, Crowne, The Damned Truth, Toby Hitchcock, Out of This World and MANY well as our LAST feature of 'Sisters in Rock' looking at Janis Joplin, Lita Ford, Marcie Free and Lee'La Baum as well as 'The Enthusiasts Guide' taking a detailed look at ..... Billy Joel!

Including 50 pages of reviews, this MUST be the most comprehensive issue of any UK Rock magazine EVER published. Buy your hardcopy of digital download NOW!

FIREWORKS #95 ... out on Thursday June 17th in WH Smiths across the UK or available online as hard copy or digital download from

Next issue Rob Evans takes a detailed look at the inaugural Gods of AOR festival – held way back in 1993 – talking to many of those who participated...the first instalment in what hopes to be an eye-opening and highly interesting new series. We also have an in-depth look at the history of Powerwolf and a revealing chat with Jaime Kyle as she releases her brand new solo album.

Dave Ling also does an in-depth feature on Gary Hughes, looking at his projects with Hugo, King Arthur, Bob Catley and his solo endevours etc, as well as his main focus, Ten. We also take a first look at his awesome new project T.A.O., which highlights the wonderful vocal performance of his girlfriend Karen Fell.


Interviews, features, reviews and 100 MP3 songs: LET'S ROCK!


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Copies/subscriptions can be ordered direct by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., paying via Paypal. Send £8 (Inc P&P) for UK, £11.50 (inc P&P) for Europe, and £13.95 (inc P&P) for USA/Rest of World.


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Fireworks Magazine 95

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