Genesis - The Last Domino Tour

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Needless to say it was, as always, a spectacular show

Leeds: First Direct Arena, 27th September 2021.

I was concerned before attending this show that it would be a very sad occasion. Not only because I would be saying goodbye to a band I have seen on every tour since 'The Lamb Lies Down' in 1975, but also because (and I understand it's not the same band without Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett) it's so different, with Phil Collins no longer being able to play the drums, and having to perform the show whilst sat on a chair (although Steve Hackett used to do that, but not for the same reason).

As with all other bands, this tour, which by the way is purely in the UK with no foreign dates, has been delayed by World War three, being postponed twice, before finally kicking off at Birmingham a week before this show, and some people shouldn't probably have been there; one lady in the queue asking "I wonder how many Phil Collins songs they'll do." Being a gentleman, I had to tell her!

Needless to say it was, as always, a spectacular show, with a lighting and video set up we have come to expect from a band that transformed from one of the greatest Prog outfits of all time to multi-million selling Pop superstars, something which some found a little hard to swallow. 'Land Of Confusion' featured a video that was brought up to date to acknowledge the current virus, and I spotted Tony Banks employing old technology, using a Korg 01W-FD keyboard for 'Afterglow'. They still respected their earlier work, and paid homage to their older fans by including earlier songs in the set, but this has been truncated over the years, so again we only had instrumental sections of 'Firth Of Fifth' and 'The Cinema Show', and an even smaller snippet of 'Dancing With The Moonlit Knight'. I have to admit to being a little disappointed to learn that 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway' was only included as part of the acoustic section, but have to also admit that it came over really well, demonstrating that good songs can retain their power no matter how they are played.


I thought there would be a break after the acoustic section, but I was wrong, and they carried on without stopping. 'I Know What I Like' was played complete, and even featured Phil's tambourine juggling, albeit from his chair and sadly nowhere near as long as it used to be. Having said that about the lightness of earlier works, the material from what I call the middle and late eras included six songs that have their roots in older style Genesis; the longer, more progressive sounding titles such as 'Mama', 'Home By The Sea', 'Second Home By The Sea', 'Afterglow', 'Domino' and 'Tonight Tonight Tonight', so that was very pleasing. It has to be said however that, for me at least, there was quite a bit of sadness as Phil's voice was quite frail compared to 2007, and on occasion he was slightly behind the backing vocalists that were included on this tour. He even forgot some of the words to 'That's All', acknowledging the fact with the words "Oh, I don't know." The weird thing was that his voice sounded stronger on the longer songs 'Home By The Sea', 'Domino' and 'Tonight Tonight Tonight', but I couldn't help wondering if we were being told something with the inclusion of 'Fading Lights'.

One thing that really surprised me though, if this is to be their last tour (and I believe that it will be), was that they didn't finish off with 'Los Endos', something that for many years ended their main set, but wasn't included in the set at all. At the end of the main set, Mike Rutherford, Daryl Stuermer and Nic Collins left the stage, while Phil moved to the back of the stage to sit behind a screen that had been erected. After a short while they came back to finish with the encore of 'I Can't Dance', the short section of 'Dancing With The Moonlit Knight' and 'The Carpet Crawlers', which was thankfully full length.

I do have to mention was how good Phil Collin's son Nic, who took his dad's place on the drums, was. He certainly knew his parts well, and had we been just listening to this, rather than watching, you wouldn't have known the difference, but then I suppose he couldn't have had a better teacher. As I said, I do think this will probably be their last tour together, and it's a pity that Steve Hackett and Peter Gabriel couldn't have been involved at some point, as that would have been a proper goodbye. It was, as I thought, bitter sweet, but in contradiction of what I said at the beginning, I have seen some American dates advertised for later this year, so maybe that question mark behind the word 'Domino' in the tour title does mean something. We will have to wait and see.

Set List:- Behind The Lines/Duke's End, Turn It On Again, Mama, Land Of Confusion, Home By The Sea, Second Home By The Sea, Fading Lights, The Cinema Show, Afterglow, (Acoustic section - That's All, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Follow You Follow Me), Duchess, No Son Of Mine, Firth Of Fifth, I Know What I Like, Domino, Throwing It All Away, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Invisible Touch.
Encore:- I Can't Dance, Dancing With The Moonlit Knight, The Carpet Crawlers.

Andy B. & Lou C

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