Inmoria - 'A Farewell To Nothing - Part 1'

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Inmoria - 'A Farewell To Nothing - Part 1'

A fantastic and slightly different take on the power metal genre.

Inmoria first formed in 2008 when one time Tad Morose drummer Dan Eriksson ended his self imposed ten year absence from the metal scene and started work on a new "dark" power metal project; Inmoria, which initially began as a one man endeavour. However, realising that he needed a band to really do his songs justice, Eriksson enlisted the help of three members of his previous band, the too long dormant Tad Morose, with Christer "Krunt" Andersson (guitars), Peter Moren (drums) and Tommi Karppanen (bass) soon joining up. With Eriksson handling keyboard duties, all that was left to find was a vocalist, and in the shape of Morgana Lefay frontman Charles "Chulle" Rytkönen the line up was complete. 

The band's debut album 'Invisible Wounds' was released in 2009 through Massacre Records, with the darkly dense Inmoria sound gaining strong critical and fan acclaim. Now some two years down the line Eriksson and his band are back for album number two, although a few changes have taken place with Rytkonen moving on to be replaced by current Artillery singer Soren Nico Adamsen and 'A Farewell To Nothing – Part I' being released through Rock It Up/Ice Warrior Records. What hasn't changed however is that the songs on this album, which as with the debut are all written by Eriksson, are crammed with powerful, repetitive riffs that drive the songs on at pace. Surprisingly enough, considering that the composer of these songs plays keyboards, that instrument remains in more of a support role to the guitars, but they do add considerable melody, which make an otherwise brutal and unforgiving onslaught remarkably melodic. Adamsen brings a harsher tone to the vocals than his predecessor, who also had a more "theatrical" style, and while I thoroughly enjoyed Rytkonen's work on Inmoria's debut effort, Adamsen takes the whole feel of this album up a level with his aggressive, urgent style. Christer Andersson's guitar work is harsh enough to make your eyes water as it stings by in bristling fashion, but when it is combined with Eriksson's keyboards the mix of lush layers and muscular riffing makes for compelling and refreshingly different listening. Then when you factor in the rippling rhythm section of Moren and Karppanen then there really can be no denying that Inmoria are producing some of the strongest and least stereotypical power metal with symphonic touches that is around right now.

The dark theme certainly continues in the lyrics, with Eriksson writing about how pointless life is and that "Death is the only answer" (he admits to being a "depressing guy" and visiting a psychiatrist once a week), but the contradiction in this being 'Part I' of a 'Farewell To Nothing' shows that Eriksson's good demon wins the struggle over its evil twin. I should though add that at no time is this album a depressing listen in any shape or form – far from it. For any follower of power metal and the many sub scenes that have splintered from it, 'A Farewell To Nothing – Part I' is a fantastic and slightly different take on the genre and really is too good to miss out on.

Steven Reid

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