Phil Soussan - 'No Protection'

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Phil Soussan - 'No Protection'

A sublimely uplifting body of work, best heard – or infused – on a lazy summer’s day.

Five years after his first solo album ‘Vibrate’, the multi-talented multi-instrumentalist is back with its follow-up. This time around though Phil Soussan has elected to do without the guest musicians and has written, performed and produced the whole shooting match himself, and in doing so has created an impressive and beautifully cohesive collection of hard rock songs.

A low-key start to the album opener and title track gives way to the sort of mid-paced rocker Bon Jovi used to write when they were any good, and serves as a fair marker of what to expect over the next fifty-seven minutes or so. In fact, the feel-good vibe of the best of JBJ (or maybe Robin George’s ‘Dangerous Music’ debut all those years ago) isn’t a bad point of reference. ‘No Protection’ isn’t an aggression-burning leap-around-the-room kind of album, nor is it particularly challenging on the senses; instead it’s a sublimely uplifting body of work, best heard – or infused – on a lazy summer’s day when, with not a care in the world, you can let the songs transport you to their creator’s seemingly green and pleasant land (cold beer optional).

‘No Protection’ is not as polished as ‘Vibrate’ and sounds all the better for it, the odd rough edge and unexpected twist (check out the change of perspective midway through, uh, ‘Change Of Perspective’ or the Eastern rhythms that pop up unexpectedly in ‘Big Love’) showing that the songs were written first and foremost to satisfy the artist himself rather than any record company expectation. Personal highlights include the pop-tinged ‘Keeping Alive A Memory’, the more lively ‘Just Business’ with its cracking little solo and the sassy and enigmatic ‘Free My Soul’, a rough diamond with a soft heart.

The playing is flawless, the singing soulful – is there nothing this man can’t do! – and away from the music Soussan has put a lot of effort into the CD booklet and packaging too. I’m not sure how widely available ‘No Protection’ is, but you can certainly snap up a copy from the outlets listed below. Go on, you know you want to…

John Tucker

Phil Soussan's albums can be bought at the following places:

Digital download at iTunes and Amazon
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Hard copies are available from CD Baby and also direct from his website. If you buy direct from his website albums will be autographed, and you will also get a free copy of his newly released version of "Shot in the Dark" as a download MP3.

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