Iron Claw - 'A Different Game'

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Iron Claw - 'A Different Game'

Seventies inspired, but right up to date sounding bluesy classic rock.

The rock world is littered with bands that never quite got the breaks that their music deserved and Iron Claw is another who fall into this category. Forming 42 years ago in the Scottish town of Dumfries, Iron Claw spent much of their initial time together honing their craft on stage and popping into studios to record a number of their songs along the way. Proving that perseverance does eventually pay off, some 35 years after the band effectively split, a self-titled album of these early blues tinged hard rock recordings saw the light of day through the Rockadrome label. Not only did that album bring the band to the notice of many fans, but also to their new record label Ripple Music, resulting in a fill blown Iron Claw reunion.

With three of the four original members being once again gripped by the Iron Claw (Ian McDougall (drums), Alex Wilson (bass), Jimmy Ronnie (guitar)), singer Gordon Brown (not that Gordon Brown, that would be the clunking Iron Fist!), was added to the line up and what masterstroke that has proven to be. For Brown’s vocal style, think along the lines of the lived in gritty roar of Phil Mogg (UFO) and you won’t be far off and when you consider that Iron Claw operate in the same heavy riffed, hard hitting blues territory as UFO, then you’ll understand why he is such an asset. That however would mean nothing if Iron Claw didn’t have the songs to back it up, but they do, with not a dud to be found anywhere on this disc.

If you are looking for an authentic blast of seventies inspired, but right up to date sounding bluesy classic rock, then Iron Claw’s reformation is another that is as welcome as it is surprising.

Steven Reid


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