Tracer - 'Spaces In Between'

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Tracer - 'Spaces In Between'

Plenty of riffs, bags of confidence, talent and a strong set of songs.

A new act to land on my desk this month was Aussie power trio Tracer. Consisting of brothers Michael (vocals, guitar) and Leigh Brown (vocals, bass), the pair teamed up with drummer Andre Wise and Tracer was born. By all accounts they worked their socks off independently and touring anywhere they could in order to achieve a following. It paid off with Mascot jumping on board to bring us their first full length record.

'Spaces In Between' blasts off with 'Too Much', a thunderous riff driven beast with plenty of fuzz, fire, energy and, better still, high calibre distinctive vocals from Michael Brown. The guitar work isn't to be sniffed at either, and the pounding rhythm section really grabs your attention. It's a real statement of intent and as impressive a start as you could hope for. However, they prove it was no fluke with the bouncy and frenetic 'Push' and 'Walk Alone', a slow burner that builds up into another excellent offering. The growling 'Louder Than This' features a throat shredding gravelly vocal and dirty, heavy riff with a pounding backbeat.

'Devil Ride' blends big riffs with more subtle guitar work during the verses and all hands to the pumps in the chorus. The introduction to 'The Bitch' reminded me inplaces of Ozzy era Black Sabbath and the eerie 'I Won't Let It Die (Run Mary)' closes things in impressive fashion. I checked the nice looking booklet to see who wrote the songs, and they were all penned by the band alone. I was also very impressed with the depth and sound to the production, only to find that the boys produced it themselves. Michael even did the CD booklet. How annoying are people that talented?

Overall, a retro seventies sounding power trio with a contemporary sound, plenty of riffs, bags of confidence, talent and a strong set of songs, all produced with vitality and clarity. There seems to be quite a buzz surrounding the band and I have to say I think it's probably justified in this instance. Not bad for a debut, eh? Certainly a band to keep an eye on!

James Gaden


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