Last Known Addiction - 'One Left Standing'

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Last Known Addiction - 'One Left Standing'

Catchy four minute songs with infectious sing-a-long choruses.

Ireland has produced many quality rock acts over the years, from Rory Gallacher to Thin Lizzy, Therapy, D:Ream (only joking!) and more recently Glyder and The Answer. Last Known Addiction is another band to add to this already impressive list. Last Known Addiction play blue collar, balls out rock ‘n’ roll infused with a keen sense of melody, creating catchy four minute songs with infectious sing-a-long choruses (think Tesla, Skin or a less rough round the edges version of Gentlemans Pistols and you’d be in the right ball park). There is such an obvious chemistry in the band that they make this, their debut album, sound so effortless and natural. This is no mean feat considering they have only been together for two years.

The first track ‘Poison In The Water’ pretty much sets the tone for the album. Andrew Baxter peels off an incisive riff, underpinned by Dave McVeigh’s nimble fingered bass and the no nonsense, meat and potatoes drumming courtesy of Ryan Hood. The icing on the cake for me are the vocals of Stephen Cairns, who possess a rich, soulful voice in the mould of Paul Rodgers, Danny Bowes and the hugely under rated Neville MacDonald. They then rip into ‘Kick The Tyres’, ‘Beer Machine’ and ‘Around The World’. Hell, every song is worthy of mention they are that good! Throw in a couple of superlative ballads ‘Simultaneously’ and ‘Fight’ and you have one peach of a debut album. What’s all the more impressive is that they would appear to have produced the album themselves and have released it on their own label. If there is any justice in the world then this band will be snapped up by a record company because music of this quality deserves to be distributed to a much wider audience.

So forget rehab, get a shot of Last Known Addiction in your veins and I guarantee that you will never get this particular monkey off your back (or off your CD player for that matter!).

Alister Strachan


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