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Finland's premier melodic hard rockers Human Temple are back and bring us a brand new release “Halfway to Heartache”. Their 2004 debut "Insomnia" received rave reviews, and the 2010 release “Murder of Crows” (ESM202) set pulses racing. Two years later and the wait for the third CD is over, so get ready for this fantastic new release.

The foundation of the Temple was laid way back in the late eighties, when vocalist Janne Hurme and drummer Petri Lehto formed their first band. The guys were highly influenced by Kiss, Dokken, Crüe and such bands, so the style of the music just had to be hard rock, yet always with a keen ear for a good melody.

Fast forward to1995... Janne was signed as a solo artist, and given an album's worth of more pop type of material to sing. He sang it with conviction, and once the album was released, he became a major star almost overnight. Among other hits, the album spawned "Kirje", one of the biggest hits of the nineties in Finland. One could say that it's nowadays "an evergreen", played regularly on the radio stations, while Janne's solo career was blossoming, he didn't forget his roots, and kept writing hard rock songs. In 1998 he and Petri formed Human Temple, determined that this band would take the next step and become something bigger than their previous bands.

After an initial buzz created via local gigs and the Internet, Human Temple were signed to the German label MTM Music, and their first album saw the light of day in the summer of 2004. Marquee Avalon released the album later that year in Japan.

The next years passed quite fast, and the band went through a few line-up changes. In the summer of 2009, they felt that the time was right for album number two. They entered the Noise camp studio in Turku, chose the best 10 songs from their selection of new tracks, and started the recording process. The resulting "Murder Of Crows" stays true to the sound of the debut, while adding some new elements to it. It has since become a firm favourite amongst melodic hard rockers.

The brooding “Halfway to Heartache” is an extension of the Human Temple sound, and they bring us 11 tracks of brilliant tunes that range from quirky rockers to powerful ballads. Songs like Run Away, Misery and Bleeding Through just ooze with class. This is a new age in the history of Human Temple and its going to set 2012 off with a bang.

Discography: Insomnia (2004) / Murder of Crows (2010) / Halfway to Heartache (2012)

Release date: 24th February 2012

Janne "Brother Cane" Hurme - Vocals
Risto "LoveGun" Tuominen - Guitars
Jori "Jorge" Tojander - Keyboards
Harri "Danny" Kinnunen - Bass
Kalle "Cala" Saarinen - Drums

Special guest musician:  Emppu Vuorinen from Nightwish

Track List:

1-I will follow

2- Bleeding through

3- Like a beat of a heart

4- Our world our time

5- Almost there

6- Run away

7- Little lies

8- Because of you

9- Misery

10- Some things are never long time ago

11- She talks to angels

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