The Answer - 'Revival' / '412 Days Of Rock N Roll'

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The Answer - 'Revival' / '412 Days Of Rock N Roll'

Album number three for The Answer.

This is album number three for The Answer and comes on the back of a successful tour in support of AC/DC on the 'Black Ice' tour. It's business as usual for the band with opener 'Waste Your Tears', as the band hit their stride with the usual blend of rock and blues. The difference this time is more in the delivery, it is all a little darker in tone as Cormac Neeson lets his vocals rip into the song. The band have always acknowledged their AC/DC influence and this is evident on the hard rock driving guitar of 'Use Me' but its all a little "heard it before" if you catch my drift. Much like Rival Sons the bands hearts are in the right place; it just does not amount to much in the delivery, it becomes little more than standard pub rock.

'Trouble' is a hybrid of Bad Company and Led Zeppelin and though played well is just a little too formulaic to really make an impression. It is only on 'Nowhere Freeway' that the band makes a statement and the songs more commercial assault helps the song rise well above the average. If the band can tap into this formula of more radio friendly sheen then who knows? Paul Mahon's guitar work on 'Caught In The Riverbed' rings sharp and the song has a hunger that moves in new directions; it's moments like this that the band look set to rise above the competition. 'Can't Remember, Can't Forget 'has some heartfelt lyrics and is the bands stab at a ballad; unfortunately I found the vocal delivery a little too rough around the edges to really pull on the heart strings. By the time you get as far as 'Lights Are Down' it all just sounds a bit tired, there is plenty of room for a more commercial edge down the blues rock road without sacrificing integrity - just look at what Thunder achieved.

I like The Answer and consider them a fine live band but have always felt there songs need a little more depth and mystery in the writing department. '412 Days of Rock 'n' Roll' is the band's first DVD and comes with a good package of promo videos and a live show and a documentary of the band on the AC/DC tour. The videos are pretty standard location shots and there is not too much to get excited about. It's only 'Comfort Zone' that demonstrates a little more thought behind the visuals and an interesting cover version of Rose Tattoo's 'Rock n Roll Outlaw' keeps things interesting. For long term fans this is a nice touch.

The live show is a nine song set taken from the Houston and Dallas shows and is well shot from all angles and captures the band in full on sweaty rock n roll mode.The band have always been at their best on stage and it's when the songs truly come alive. Long term fans of the band will not be disappointed and it's a good introduction to any new fans who have just climbed on board. The camcorder captures the band in more candid moments backstage and travelling around in the documentary but with the exception of Brain Johnston making an appearance is all a little humdrum. It's a bit like having to sit through your friends' home movies and you are just waiting for the end in between the shots of hotels and tour bus chatter.
Still as a document of what must have been a dream tour for an up and coming band it's a nice statement.

Ray Paul

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