Bloodbound - 'Nosferatu'

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Bloodbound - 'Nosferatu'

A worthy addition to any open-minded Melodic Rock fan's collection.

This re-released debut CD from Swedish Metal band Bloodbound features the talents of ex Street Talk members Fredrik Bergh and Tomas Olsson. Regarded as a power metal classic this is also superb melodic heavy metal with more than a few nods to Iron Maiden and Helloween. There are two bonus 'live' tracks (possibly from Sweden Rock 2007): 'Behind The Moon' (opening song from this album) and 'The Tempter' (second song from their second CD 'Book Of The Dead').

What's so interesting is their style of music is so at odds with the dark lyrical themes of their songs and their leather, studs and chains attire and corpse painted faces, it would be very easy for Melodic Rock and Metal fans to dismiss this album without actually hearing it. What you get is an Iron Maiden/Helloween style romp through eleven songs, exceptionally played and masterfully recorded by messrs Bergh and Olsson with a very crisp production. Vocalist Urban Breed has elements of Pretty Maids' Ronnie Atkins and former Swedish Erotica/Treat/Malmsteen and Therion vocalist Mats Leven in the timbre of his voice combined with the delivery style of Bruce Dickinson on certain songs, most notably on title track 'Nosferatu' and 'Screams In The Night'. He really is a fantastic singer with great pitch and does a sterling job throughout the album, particularly on 'Crucified' and probably his stand-out performance on 'On The Battlefield'.

Guitarist Tomas Olsson is a revelation! He lays down a solid rhythm on every song but pulls off some exceptional lead work in the process. There are some really nice harmonics on second song 'Into The Dark' followed by fantastic arpeggios and sweeps on the solo. 'Crucified' features some marvellous arpeggios and scales and there is some fast-paced riffing on 'For The King', a song with very Nationalistic 'Battle Cry' lyrics. Again, there are some arpeggios and scales on the solo in 'Midnight Sun' without being overly flash and a wonderful harmonic Maiden-style solo on the afore-mentioned 'On The Battlefield' Keys and bass are supplied by the other founding member Fredrik Bergh and his tight bass lines keep the heartbeat alongside drummer Oskar Belin. Belin particularly excells on 'Desdemonamelia' with some terrific double bass drumming, powerful fills and metronomic time-keeping. 

This album, therefore, really is a surprise and delight and fully justifies why they got the support slot with Evergrey and headlined day one of the Gothenburg Metal Festival shortly after its release. The fact that acclaimed vocalist Michael Bormann (Jaded Heart) agreed to sing on their follow-up album after Breed temporarily departed shows just how regarded Bergh and Olsson are in their respective fields. This really is a superlative debut but then the Melodic Rock and Metal talent coming out of Sweden has never really abated. This particular dose of surprising Swedish Metal remains a worthy addition to any open-minded Melodic Rock fans collection.

Carl Buxton

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