Domain Of Dreams - 'Domain Of Dreams'

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Domain Of Dreams - 'Domain Of Dreams'

Third album by the progressive metal band from Bulgaria.

Domain Of Dreams is a progressive metal band from Bulgaria, a country that is not highly renowned for its musical exports. They have, however, supported both W.A.S.P and Heaven And Hell. Established for more than two decades and formerly known as Solaris, this self-titled album is their third full length release and follows on from 'Oligotime' in 1997 and 'I Want' ten years later. A highly conceptual piece of nine parts, each track title is prefixed by "The Dream of" followed by the subject matters that include "Revenge", "Power", and "Despair". According to Ivan Radev, conceptualist, lyricist, and the bands non-performing sixth member, the album deals with "the never-ending journey between the Light and the Darkness, between colourful emotions and grey trivialities" so you would be correct in guessing that we are dealing with some pretty weighty material here. It is worth noting, however, that all of the words are sung in English therefore ensuring a wider sense of accessibility and appeal.

Dream Theater, and all of the numerous bands that they have inspired, are an obvious reference point for Domain of Dreams with the aggressive guitar riffs vying with strongly emphasised keyboard passages and some suitably melodic and emotionally charged vocals. Frontman Daniel Radev's delivery has more in common with Jon Olivia than James Labrie and on occasions is heavily accented particularly during the quieter moments such as the introduction to the orchestrated ballad 'The Dream of the Past' which makes for a yearning and tortured mood. One of the strongest pieces here is 'The Dream of the End' which is carried along by the forceful rhythms of drummer Oggi Kiossovski and some frenzied guitar work from Plamen Radev and Ivan Popov with even bassist Emil Angelov being afforded a solo during the mid-section breakdown. Overall there are some amazing examples of technical virtuosity on display as the band shift between atmospheric and intricate passages to searing riffs and metal crunch.

It is always going to be an uphill task for Domain of Dreams to break out of their homeland and achieve wider acclaim but with the right promotion this is an album that would find many fans amongst the prog metal community.

Dean Pedley

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