Greg X - 'Dream'

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Greg X - 'Dream'

If you like 80's hard rock then you're gonna love this.

While I was working on the front desk at Firefest 2011, a young fella came over to say hello and we got talking about music (like you do). He told me his name was Greg X and he turned out to be a Polish born guitar teacher now living and working in London. He said that he had an album out and would I listen to it and tell him what I thought of it? "Sure" I replied and he handed over the CD. After the Firefest weekend I finally got around to listening to it, and low and behold if it isn't a blast from the past, the 80's to be more precise. In fact if you miss the days of guitar driven American hard rock from that era, then you could do much worse than to give 'Dream' a listen. One of the reasons that I like this album so much is that Greg hasn't gone down the route of doing everything himself and in that way doing it on the cheap, far from it. Instead and I'm not sure how he did it (I'll have to ask), but he contacted Ken Tamplin (yes that Ken Tamplin), Jay Schellen and John Payne and asked them to work with him on this album, they agreed and 'Dream' is the end result.

So to the music: if you're a fan of, say, Shout (without the Christian lyrics), Icon, King Kobra, Ratt etc then you should get a kick out of this CD. 'As The World Spins Round', is the perfect opening track, a monster guitar riff joining with that Tamplin roar sent a nostalgic cold shiver of remembrance running down my spine. 'Dream The Dream' has a Ratt-like guitar sound but it's the keyboards of Ed Villanueva that make this a special song, as they add that extra dimension to it which raises it to a much higher level. 'How To Love' is a big hard rock ballad with some beautiful heartfelt vocals, again courtesy of Mr Tamplin, and the subtle and understated solo by Greg suits the song to a tee. 'Love And Hate' reminded me of Whitecross especially the guitars, and again Tamplin's presence is commanding but Greg ain't no slouch either and his solo rocks. Finishing with an instrumental track might seem strange but it works and 'Victory' is the perfect ending to this album, the guitar work of Greg reminding me of Michael Schenker in its fluidity and it is a damn catchy track to boot.

It's not often that one is given an independently issued CD that makes you sit up and take notice but Greg X and 'Dream' did just that. Please do this young guy a favour and check out his album because if you like 80's hard rock then you're gonna love this. You can also mail him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

Ian Johnson


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