Cheerleader - 'Vegas Or Bust'

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Cheerleader - 'Vegas Or Bust'

Debut album by the new band hailing from Sweden.

Cheerleader is a new band hailing from Sweden comprising guitarist Joan Vieru, brothers Joel Ek (vocals and bass) and Niklas Ek (guitar) and drummer Andreas Westerlund.

Having spent most of 2010 writing the material, their debut album "Vegas Or Bust" was recorded this Spring and has just been released by Angry Shark Records. Self-produced by the band, the album is largely heavy rock-based with lots of wah-wah and chugging bass lines. The sound of the album and the band is largely summed up by the opening track, 'My Love To Someone Else'. With shades of U2 but with metal abandon, this track has been chosen to be the showcase and have the obligatory YouTube official video. Moving swiftly on, 'What´s So Hard' and 'Dead End Town' are more aggressive songs but with sufficient melodies to keep the album on the classic rock straight and narrow. The album then moves onto the political 'Arrange' and then curiously drops down three gears into an almost folk and bar room sing-along, 'The Pirate Song'. Eminently catchy and certainly a crowd pleaser, this track is a bit out of place in the middle of the album and may have been placed better as a mystery track at the end.

The band then gets back into the groove with a volley of rock songs including the brooding tones of 'Serving Sam' with some powerful vocals and sinister chord changes. 'Wasted Hours' with its faintly Stormbringer-esque riff is a stand out track showcasing the guitarists and shows a new dimension to the band. This and the next song, the catchy 'Wherever You May Be' provide a good direction for them to follow in future albums. Extended guitar solos and pushing the songs to the limit sound like their forte.

Cheerleader has just supported Warrior Soul on a UK and Ireland tour and so this road-tested set of songs should have a ready audience waiting for the album. Enjoy!

Rob McKenzie

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