Five Finger Death Punch - 'American Capitalist'

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Five Finger Death Punch - 'American Capitalist'

Numbers all the classic and essential ingredients of a hard-rocking studio smash.

Fine testament to the immortal adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," California's catchiest modern aggressors weigh in for another round of prime, all-American metal. Picking up where the award-winning trademarks of 2009's 'War Is The Answer' left off, this instant crowd-pleaser peddles much of the same Slipknot-flavoured grooves and rock 'n' roll theatrics for which Five Finger Death Punch are now famed. As such, this winning repertoire treads inevitably predictable territory, with each track boasting a stock selection of sing-along choruses, solos and arena-ready gang vocals.

But, having been crammed to the nines with deliciously beefy grooves and super-sized hooks, FFDP's evident mission to entertain has nevertheless been triumphantly accomplished. And despite the generous side of glam-tinged cheese that accompanies it, this metallic feast displays immense technical expertise in the shape of breakneck-paced and immaculately tight musicianship. Among the catchiest products of this lean, nu-metal machine, title track 'American Capitalist' makes for a fiercely contagious call to arms marked out in muscular gang vocals and riffs as crushing as an expertly administered right hook. With notable shades of Corey Taylor about his exquisitely ragged pipes, Ivan Moody doles out a savage vocal assault peppered with obscenities and rather clichéd put-downs that follow in the testosterone-fuelled footsteps of such textbook nu-metallers as Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach.

Following suit in typically heavyweight, hook-laden style, swaggering standout 'Under And Over It' is every inch a hit single, with blistering solo work and monstrously grandiose choruses that guarantee instantly digestible listening pleasure. From the blastbeating exercise in aggression that is 'Menace' to the token but nonetheless tuneful balladry of 'Remember Everything,' 'American Capitalist' numbers all the classic and essential ingredients of a hard-rocking studio smash. 'If I Fall,' however, makes for an altogether more original beast in which sumptuous acoustics are swallowed up in a violent storm of machine gun-like rhythms and chugging riffs. Oscillating effortlessly from slow-burning chord progressions to face-melting blasts of aggression, it is undoubtedly here that guitar god Zoltan Bathory is witnessed at the top of his expertly executed game.

Having scarcely evolved since first exploding onto the global metal scene back in 2005, Five Finger Death Punch are by no means in the business of breaking boundaries or dabbling in the avant-garde. And while the five-piece will no doubt fall foul of criticism for this very fact, there's ultimately no faulting an album that's this much fun from smouldering start to shamelessly epic finish.

Faye Coulman

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