Cold - 'Superfiction'

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Cold - 'Superfiction'

Cold return after a 6 year absence.

Cold return after a 6 year absence and to be honest I wasn't expecting any more studio output from the band so the appearance of 'Superfiction' was a pleasant surprise. The 2005 'Different Kind Of Pain' release was something of a laid back affair compared to anything that had come before suggesting vocalist and lyricist Scooter Ward was going through a period of reflection.

In some respects 'Superfiction' carries on in this style but with what seems at first to be a slightly more optimistic attitude. Unfortunately after several spins I was still trying to recall songs that I had played only minutes before. 'Wicked World' is a great opener, full of energy and symptomatic of Ward's writing approach. It is the most up-tempo track out of the twelve and has the most predominant hook. 'What Happens Now' follows and is another great song that has an instant impact. My expectations are high and I'm already creating a glowing mental review. From then on periods of reflective candour are punctuated by bursts of aggressive dissention and though the melodies are strong my main criticism is that the bulk of the material is rather one paced.

A melancholic air envelopes proceedings in typical Cold fashion and comparisons to 'Different Kind Of Pain' become more evident as the album progresses. It may be regarded as mature when compared to 'Year Of The Spider' or '13 Ways To Bleed On Stage' but I find myself wishing the band would change gear and spice things up a little. From track 3, the very commercial 'American Dream', to track 12, 'The Ballad Of The Nameless', Ward and co are the equivalent of grumpy old men sat at the end of the bar crying in their beer. There is no doubting that the songs have quality and the performances are uniformly excellent (drummer Sam McCandles worthy of extra praise) but my attention was wandering as the album came to an end.

Maybe my current musical tastes are dictating my listening trends to be sufficiently objective here and I will have to return to 'Superfiction' again to assess my appraisal at a later date. For now I am going to play some Disturbed and take my aggressive mood out at the gym!

Dave Bott

Cold return after a 6 year absence and to be honest I wasn

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