Stargate - 'Beyond Space & Time'

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Stargate - 'Beyond Space & Time'

An album that will surely find favour amongst power prog fans.

Italian stallions Stargate popped up on the prog power metal radar a decade or so ago, although they only managed to release an EP before splitting. Fast forward to 2012 and they band decided to give it another bash, with ‘Beyond Space & Time’ the result of their comeback collaborations.

This is one of those albums that can be quite hard to get excited about, mainly because it doesn’t introduce anything really new. With pure AOR you can enjoy an unoriginal track if it has a big chorus and cool solo, but with power prog it gets a bit harder. There are unsurprising elements of the likes of Angra and Kamelot here, as Stargate mix up powerful guitar and layered keyboards to good effect, tying everything together with the vocals of Flavio Caricasole. He’s a tight vocalist, for sure, but has nothing that really makes him stand out in the crowd. In the end, that’s what bugs me about this album. After ten listens I can’t hum a single track, although when it’s on I certainly enjoy what I’m hearing.

Stargate are a very competent bunch, showing a true talent for composition and musical ability that has resulted in an album that will surely find favour amongst power prog fans. Personally, I’m left with a feeling that I really should like it more than I do .

Alan Holloway

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