Guttergodz - 'Go For Broke'

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Guttergodz - 'Go For Broke'

Debut release from the Aberdeen rockers.

‘Go For Broke’ is the debut release from Aberdeen rockers GutterGodz. With electrifying charisma from bleach blonde front man Jon ‘Bon’ Davie evident from the vocals from the first song ‘Go’, the album introduces itself as fist pumping, action packed rock encounter.

Established in 2008, and with only 4 years experience under their belt, for a band so fresh GutterGodz prove an interesting and most welcome addition to the music scene. Their debut oozes with a lethal concoction of alternative, thrash and classic rock, a patchwork quilt made up of segments from each of these genres. The album operates on a level of undisputed alternative rock with some heavily influenced ripping guitar solos throughout. The real treasure lies in the bands influences which can be identified in each song. Nostalgic? Definitely. It provides great pleasure in recognising the familiarity with those bands you’ve listened to for years.

‘All I Wana Do Is Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is one of those songs which is too loud for the local, definitely an anthem which would stir up a furious mosh-pit of head-bangers and would benefit more so on a much, much bigger stage. ‘Kicked In The Head’ is most definitely a crowd pleaser, this tune with its continual and sturdy heavy beat throughout educates its listeners that this band can operate on a range of different levels. Other tracks such as ‘Gypsy Girl’ and ‘Girls’ get the blood flowing and the energy pumping, these tracks clearly demonstrate this band have the makings for something impressive.

Innovative? Not completely, but credit given where credit is due, there’s definitely influences from the 70/80s and 90s rock with a dirty edge sound reminiscent of Pantera. Listening to this band you can’t help but feel there is possibly something greater lurking in the shadows, it seems the blueprint is there for something great. Can they own the stage in their own right? There’s no denying, from listening to their debut album this band has talent, ambition and a drive for the music they produce.

GutterGodz are definitely one of those memorable support acts, but are they strong enough yet to really build an identity which sets them apart? Only time and experience can tell. Almost as tight as the spandex they wear, backcombed, and a little rough around the edges, we can look forward to ‘Go For Broke’ launching its assault on the music scene.

Betsy Green

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