Lilygun - 'Lilygun'

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Lilygun - 'Lilygun'

Classic Rock with a Gothic influence.

London based Lilygun is a four-piece band fronted by the strikingly good looking Anna-Christina. An EP called ‘Peace Of Mind’ was released in the Summer of 2010 but the last couple of years have been spent plying a live trade, primarily in the capital, honing their sound in preparation for the debut album. The sound is essentially classic rock with a Gothic influence though singer/guitarist Anna-Christina cites their main influences as Smashing Pumpkins, Alice In Chains and The Cure. All 8 songs on ‘Lilygun’ are the singer’s compositions so I imagine she is the main driving force behind the band’s musical direction.

My love of female singers is no secret so it is with an element of regret that I say the weakest component of the ‘Lilygun’ CD is the vocals of Anna-Christina. They are generally uninspiring and lack the dynamic to compliment what is, for the most part, a decent set of songs. The only influence the vocal shortcomings instil is to make everything appear one paced and identical in structure. Admittedly repeated plays dilute these initial feelings when familiarity with the material acts as a distraction to the vocal issues but sometimes first impressions are long lasting.

The hooks finally begin to have an impact but overall the tone is still rather sombre and there is not really enough light and shade. Musically the band is excellent with lead guitarist James Ford worthy of special mention. The crystal clear mix highlights his imaginative work perfectly and it is nice to hear someone construct a solo relevant to the framework of the song rather than just assault one’s hearing with a flurry of notes. ‘Conversations’ and ‘My Ways’ both contain some great Ford work whilst ‘Excuses’ culminates in a crescendo of powerful riffs and solos that leaves you quite breathless with admiration.

Not really the kind of album you can sing along to and you certainly can’t dance to it but the more I play it the better I like it despite the reservations outlined earlier. There is enough potential on display to be optimistic for the Lilygun future and if the band can break free from their London confines I’d certainly be ready to catch them play live somewhere up North.

Dave Bott

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