AOR - 'L.A Temptation'

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AOR - 'L.A Temptation'

A pretty good, solid album, with some nice songs, great singers and several notable guitar solos.

Right, so here we are yet again with another AOR album masterminded by Frederic Slama. “L.A” in the title? Check. Plenty of guest stars? Check. Smooth, accessible melodic rock? Check. Well, all seems to be in order here, so we can move along.

Let’s be honest, if you’ve ever heard any of the previous eight (or possibly nine) AOR albums then you’ll pretty much know what to expect here. There’s some classy vocal guests, such as James Christian, Paul Shortino (excellent on ‘Silent Victory’) and Chris Ousey (to name a few), with the likes of Paul Sabu and Tommy “Well, if I must” Denander throwing in their own talents as well: Sabu singing on one tracka and playing guitars. Of course, there’s plenty of others, and it’s obvious Slama still has plenty of friends in the melodic rock business.

‘L.A Temptation’ is a pretty good, solid album, with some nice songs, great singers and several notable guitar solos. It’s catchy, fun and a proper blueprint for how to make an AOR album. Whilst not particularly outstanding, it has a few songs that raise their fists and yell, with all the rest still a decent listen. Slama isn’t likely to get too many absolutely brilliant reviews, perhaps, but there’s something about his AOR output that’s very hard to dislike, and this is another welcome addition to the series. However, whether it’s something you will fall in love with will be down to personal preferences…

Alan Holloway

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