3 Doors Down - 'The Greatest Hits'

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3 Doors Down - 'The Greatest Hits'

A package that won't make you feel short changed.

For a band that have a recording career spanning twelve years it was only going to be a matter of time before a greatest hits package saw the light of day. It is perhaps in one sense way overdue yet others will see it as record label shenanigans as they squeeze the last available dollar out of the record buying public until the pips squeak.

In essence there are a number of reasons to purchase this album even if the majority of the songs on offer will doubtless already be in the collections of the most ardent fans. Firstly all the older songs have been remixed and re-mastered and this ultimately breathes new life into classics like ‘Kryptonite’, ‘Duck And Run’ lifted from the six times platinum ‘Better Life’ debut or ‘Here With Out You’ and the spine tingling title track from the hugely successful follow up ‘Away From The Sun’. As a “hits” package this does exactly what it says on the tin, charting the band’s recording career over the five albums released thus far.

Three brand new songs are also included, ‘There’s a Life’ a song left over from the ‘Time Of My Life’ sessions, ‘One Light’ and ‘Goodbyes’ and all three continue where the most recent album left off.

As a casual fan wishing to add all their favourite songs to their collection this is indeed a tempting purchase. Add to that the improvement in sound over the originals and the inclusion of brand new material, this is a package that won’t make you feel short changed.

Mike Newdeck

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