A Perfect Day - 'A Perfect Day'

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A Perfect Day - 'A Perfect Day'

Edgy, sophisticated songs expertly arranged and sung by a great vocalist.

Latest offering in the seemingly never ending yet (to these ears at any rate) always intriguing list of side projects presented by the team over at Frontiers in Italy (although in all fairness this could develop into something much more substantial), A Perfect Day is probably a little different to anything the label has tried thus far.

Essentially a power trio started last year by Labyrinth guitarist Andrea Cantarelli, the line-up for this eponymous debut is completed by a couple of Labyrinth band mates - vocalist Roberto Tiranti (who also doubles up on bass) and drummer Alessandro Bissa (who also plays in Vision Divine). Now, as some of you will no doubt already know, Labyrinth are one of Italy’s premier melodic/progressive power metal bands, but if you’re expecting A Perfect Day to offer anything akin to the sound of 2010’s glorious ‘A Return To Heaven Denied Pt. 2‘ opus, think again!

Having said all of that however I can see some similarities with the direction Labyrinth were heading in with both their ‘Freeman’ and ‘6 Days To Nowhere’ releases (both of which were recorded prior to the return of Olaf Thorsen), but what Cantarelli and Tiranti (the main songwriters) have tried to do is to marry that to the kind of moody, oft melancholic post grunge sounds of bands such as Gobsmack, Alter Bridge, Matchbox 20, Shinedown and Collective Soul (amongst a whole host of others).

Back in the mid 90’s I deliberately steered clear of anything even remotely ‘grunge’ related, but over the ensuing years I’ve actually started to go back and reassess that fundamentally flawed paradigm and to be honest I’m finding in many cases that decision was somewhat rash. Yes the sombre riffs and down tuned guitars of ‘classic’ grunge are still an integral part of the sound, but what the post grunge bands did was to inject a healthy dose of passion and more importantly, melody (not to mention guitar solos)! And in essence, that’s exactly what A Perfect Day have built on to deliver a rather engaging set of tangentially dynamic songs filled with explosive crescendos and reflective lows.

Take a listen to tracks such as the brooding ‘Waiting On The Edge’, opener ‘Another Perfect Day’ (the closest they get to a more traditional hard rock sound) or the slow burning ‘Warm Embrace’ and I’m sure you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was. Edgy, sophisticated songs expertly arranged and sung by a great vocalist…really, what more could you ask for?

Dave Cockett

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