Revolving Door - 'Milk & Honey'

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Revolving Door - 'Milk & Honey'

Second full-length release by the young German band.

Revolving Door is a young German band formed in 2004 and ‘Milk & Honey’ is their second full-length release. They play modern melodic hard rock, similar in style to Hydrogyn and at times singer Liesa-Marie Fehrmann reminds me of Julie Westlake. Completing the line-up are bass player Sabrina Scholer, guitarist Christian Ruger and drummer Felix Muller-Litz.

I was a little apprehensive when the CD arrived because the press info classes the band’s genre as alternative rock. I was expecting something with more attitude and an element of punk to the musical style so was pleasantly surprised with the straight forward approach to the writing and performing. It didn’t take long to appreciate the songs and if I can’t pick any highlights it is just because all 12 tracks are uniformly good. Liesa’s clean vocals are excellent throughout and she has the ability to switch between an aggressive attack (‘Suicidal Rail’) and subtle emotion (‘Marilyn’) with ease.

Opening track ‘Life’s A Bitch’ has an uptempo urgency and is followed by ‘Bring Me Down’ and ‘Down Down Down’, two songs that both have an immediate impact. ‘Swallow’ is bordering on AOR whilst ‘My Better Days’ has a dreamy quality that I can’t help but get caught up in. The hooks and melodies are a persistent delight, like the incessant nagging of a petulant youngster, constantly probing until you submit to their demands. There are also some nice guitar solos (courtesy of Ruger) that work well within the context of each song and are not just an exercise in self-indulgence.

It seems Revolving Door play between 50 and 70 shows a year, primarily within their own country and already have several festivals lined up for 2013. With the right exposure and, budgetary constraints allowing, some gigs in other parts of the world, I think we can expect to hear more about them in the future, hopefully on the back of some success with ‘Milk & Honey’.

Dave Bott

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