Daughtry - 'Break The Spell (Tour Edition)'

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Daughtry - 'Break The Spell (Tour Edition)'

CD special edition with a bonus DVD.

Coming out from the quarry of American Idol, Chris Daughtry has been declared one of the most important artists in the melodic modern rock scene. The release we will be exploring here is the CD special edition that includes the full Break The Spell Deluxe Edition album, plus a DVD housing exclusive footage from Daughtry’s live shows and a couple of official videos: ‘Crawling Back To You’ and ‘Outta My Head’. The live performances were shot in Denver, Colorado, the place where it all started, according to Chris, as he claims so when he introduces the acoustic version of ‘Home’. Along with ‘Home’, the DVD contains 4 more live performances, which are ‘Feels Like Tonight’ from the debut album, ‘Outta My Head’ with its rhythm that right from the beginning of the song ends up being so effective, that catches you making the song so infectious that it carves itself in large letters on your brain, and an acoustic version of ‘What About Now’ – also from the band’s eponymous debut album. This last song is performed in a very dark atmosphere making the singer very hard to be seen on stage, but at the same time, creating a super intimate ambience. The last live song in the DVD is ‘Start Of Something Good’, taken from the ‘Break The Spell’ CD. After watching the DVD, you’ll understand why the man with the crispy voice is so adored by his fans. First of all, his voice pours emotions everywhere you look and it’s clearly a fac that he’s a top-notch singer. But let’s not forget he was a television product in the first place, and that helps considerably.

Now the question is, what is it that differentiates this release from the standard 2011 version? The last 4 bonus tracks: ‘Who’s They’, characterized by the powerful crescendo right in the middle of the song; ‘Maybe We’re Already Gone’ that is just so bloody perfect that it’s hard to believe it didn’t make it to the main album; ‘Everything But Me’, a beautiful ballad and ‘Lullaby’, that, well…isn’t quite my cup of tea. It’s a nice song, but that’s pretty much it. I find it boring, slow and way too personal: two minutes and twenty seven seconds that could have been kept away in Chris Daughtry’s hard disk. I think it doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the mind-blowing tracks, not for a Deluxe Edition. However, despite that, I surrender to your feet Mr Daughtry…

I wish this album was out when I saw them back in 2008 opening for Bon Jovi in the USA. They were great, but listening to these songs live would have been a great experience! The reason being, Break The Spell is, hands down, their BEST album so far. Go get it, and this is also for you AOR fans, you will NOT be disappointed and will be pleasantly surprised!.

Pilar Sánchez

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