Jetbone - 'Jetbone'

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Jetbone - 'Jetbone'

A real triumph of simplicity and good tunes.

Firstly, I guess we owe an apology to Swedish newcomers Jetbone, as this album has been out several months yet we have only just fished it out from behind the fridge for a review. If it was rubbish we wouldn’t apologise (we’re like that, you know - cruel and unusual), but Jetbone have defied the odds and earned themselves a place on the best-of-the-month list, overdue but certainly well deserved.

What Jetbone do is play rock and roll, and to be honest that just about sums them up as well as anything. When you listen to this the closest comparison that springs to mind is the Rolling Stones, back when they were full of fire rather than Horlicks. There’s a healthy element of sleaze thrown in, and on the whole the album is a real triumph of simplicity and good tunes. The riffs are laid back, the pace always just right, and the vocals from Johan Myhrgren are thrown out like he really doesn’t give a shit if you like them or not, as long as he’s having a good time. Top this off with some nifty guitarwork throughout and choruses Jagger and co would kill for today and you have a solid piece of work that is guaranteed to liven up any party.

Alan Holloway

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