Mallet - 'Quarter To Freedom'

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Mallet - 'Quarter To Freedom'

A good Hard Rock album played by people who know what they are doing.

German Dad Rockers Mallet have been about since 1979, although their productivity is level with that of Boston in that period. It seems they are happy to go around supporting various 'name' bands whilst keeping themselves under the radar as far as fame and fortune are concerned.

'Quarter To Freedom' is described by the band as 'The Mallet Classic Rock Radio Show'. Why didn't they just call it that? I don't know – you'll have to ask them. I used the phrase 'Dad Rock' earlier and to be honest it's the most accurate description of Mallet that I could come up with. This is competent retro Rock music for lovers of Deep Purple, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Bachman Turner Overdrive. If you were lucky enough to check out Danish retro rockers Krackerjack a few years ago, it's of a similar vein although not quite as good.

It's easy to knock this sort of thing, as it can often sound tired, but Mallet put their experience to good use and have come up with a solid album full of powerful songs. Oddly for me, I really like the ballads 'Sail Away' and 'My Hero' as they show a real depth to the songwriting. The rest of the album bounces along without dropping any jaws but sometimes that's all you need – a good Hard Rock album played by people who know what they are doing. 'Quarter To Freedom' is exactly that and although there's a high cheese quotient at times, it's very hard not to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Buy it for your dad.... then steal it off him.

Alan Holloway

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