Nitrogods - 'Rats & Rumours'

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Nitrogods - 'Rats & Rumours'

A terrific album.

As Airbourne face criticism for sounding too much like AC/DC, Nitrogods must face similar accusations of being too close to Motörhead. The German Heavy Metal trio wantonly flaunt their ear-bursting levels of rugged Blues lead by a hairy bass playing lead vocalist who sounds like he lubricates his throat with whiskey, gravel and fire, and bathes it all in a plume of cigarette smoke. That clearly sounds like you-know-who but in the world of Rock 'n' Roll can you really have too much of a good thing?

'Rats & Rumours' is the second album from Nitrogods and carries more of a Rockabilly shuffle than the hard 'n' heavy, sweaty debut. You just have to listen to the likes of the title track, 'Automobile' and the superb 'Nothing But Trouble' to hear that they still possess the no-messing-about down and dirty Rock and Roll sound.

The glorious guitar tone from Henny Wolter, who also played in Bastards with Motorhead's Fast Eddie Clarke (it's a small world), clearly lends to more comparisons to be made but also sets them apart from any of the other Hard Rock bands who churn out 'Ace Of Spades' knock-offs. His simple yet infectious riffs often reach levels of true class.

Decades served in the business can be heard in the tight playing and less-is-more song-writing delivered with a wink and swagger; 'Dirty Old Man' being the stomping example. The fact they are a relatively new band matters not when each member is well versed in the world of Rock. The excellent production must have a toast raised too for allowing the ragged edges to shines as character and not get in the way of a terrific album.

So the answer then is no, you can never have too much of a good thing because when it's as good as this... there's always room for more.

Dan Bond

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