Bandemonic - 'Fires Of Redemption'

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Bandemonic - 'Fires Of Redemption'

Possesses all of the trademarks that will undoubtedly resonate with all fans of European Power Metal.

Thanks to a rabid fan base with an insatiable appetite for all things heavy, fast and melodic, European Power Metal enjoys a camaraderie that few musical genres enjoy today. The unrelenting support from fellow bands and fans alike have proven enough to sustain a community and culture largely ignored by the masses and relegated to the fringes of the musical landscape.

However, with an ever-growing number of bands performing within this paradigm, staking ones claim becomes increasingly challenging. One such newcomer to the European Power Metal community is Greece's BanDemoniC. Their sound pays tribute to many respected giants of NWOBHM (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Raven), Power Metal (Helloween, Edguy, Hammerfall) and even Black Metal (Mercyful Fate).

George Manthos has an impressive range and achieves banshee-like wails which made the legendary Rob Halford famous. The drumming and riffing lock together with great precision and is a consistent highpoint throughout. Hailing from the land that hosted the first Olympic Games, it is hard not to draw comparison with another hometown hero in Firewind, one of the most accomplished and successful bands in the genre.

As much as BDC exudes a confidence on their first full-length album, their interpretation of Power Metal needs to slight adjustment in order to set themselves apart from the pack. The melodies could use some more structure and the siren-like vocals need to be placed more strategically in order to enhance the dramatic flair of the music. Although artwork (and linear notes) is all but forgotten in this day of mostly digital transmission of music, BDC thankfully spares nothing, as 'Fires Of Redemption' features exceptional cover art providing a visual which perfectly complements the music.

'Fires Of Redemption' possesses all of the trademarks that will undoubtedly resonate with all fans of European Power Metal. What's more, they have the talent to not only share the stage with the best of the lot, but BanDemoniC has the chance to grow substantially further on future releases.

Brent Rusche

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