Slears - 'Far Away From Getting Somewhere'

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Slears - 'Far Away From Getting Somewhere'

Slears delivers a solid one-two punch of highly melodic, Modern Hard Rock.

As humanity continually strives for instant gratification, in everything from food and television to technology, popular music has embodied this mentality since the early days of recorded music. Initially due to the limitations of existing recordable mediums to the days of modern terrestrial radio restricting the length of the music featured, composing songs that were short and succinct was the best way of reaching a larger audience.

Slears uses this exact approach to offer an album largely devoid of filler and 'Far Away From Getting Somewhere' is forty-two minutes of high quality Hard Rock music. The band's potential oozes from every track and despite undergoing numerous line-up changes, the result is clearly a band of significant talent. Although the brevity of the songs sells the band a bit short, leaving the listener with a somewhat incomplete experience, the songs deliver enough to delight.

Things start slightly rocky with the 1'07" instrumental, title track and (no segue) 'Disappear' clocking in at under three minutes; at this point things do not augur well. Fortunately, the album hits its stride once 'Fading' commences and it never looks back.

The high tenor range of Peter Kandlinger's voice never struggles to maintain dominance in the mix. As a matter of fact, his diction is so clear that there is no need for the linear notes to decipher the lyrics.

Highlights include, but are not confined to, 'Reborn', 'Follow Me', 'One Day' and 'Believe'. The momentum generated by this German outfit on 'Far Away From Getting Somewhere' is certain to only improve with subsequent albums. Paying homage to the post-grunge Hard Rock of Nickelback, Sevendust and Hoobastank, Slears delivers a solid one-two punch of highly melodic, Modern Hard Rock.

Brent Rusche

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