The Birthday Massacre - 'Superstition'

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The Birthday Massacre - 'Superstition'

If you also have a similar eclectic taste that ranges from Pop to Hard to Atmospheric Rock, then The Birthday Massacre may also be for you.

At first glance, The Birthday Massacre wouldn't appear to really be a band that would have much in the way of interest to Fireworks. On Facebook, the band describes themselves as a combination of New Wave, Synthpop and Rock; that's reasonably accurate but there really is a bit more to it than that. Yes, they feature some Dance beats and various electronic additions, but at the heart of their music you will find guitar riffs that are deeper than Bill Gates' pockets and layers of luscious keyboards that provide as much melody as anything else you will find in this fine publication; sitting atop of this audio concoction is the diverse vocals of Chibi.

I hadn't heard TBM prior to reviewing their previous (fourth) album ('Hide And Seek') back in issue 55. The Canadian Female-Fronted six-piece instantly appealed to my diverse tastes and it's an album that I have returned to many times; naturally I was interested to see what their latest had to offer. Like its forerunner, 'Superstition' also consists of ten tracks of thumping synth-based Rock that lasts just under forty minutes.

As with '...Seek', their latest gets underway with an absolute belter in 'Divide'. There is a solid beat, pinging keys and breathy vocals that flows into a chorus that literally explodes with waves of chugging guitar and delicious synth; I haven't stopped playing this track all month! This is followed by second cracker in 'Diaries' with its massive synth-fuelled opening, Poppy beat before another infectious chorus with swirling keys, grinding guitar and a bridge that gives me goose bumps. Another favourite is the bounding 'Oceania' with its effect-filled guitar, skipping beat and shiny keys that all converges into another uplifting catchy chorus. The last of my regularly re-played numbers is 'Beyond' with its grinding guitar, soaring synth melody and dreamy chorus.

Elsewhere there's the title track which is slower and darker in nature, 'Destroyer' which sees Chibi using scowl-like vocals before a big booming chorus that's all back by John Carpenter-like synth, 'Rain' that features soft vocals, a Poppy beat and keys that sound like rain drops hitting and lastly the closing instrumental which would easily work as a soundtrack in any Carpenter film with its slow beat and atmospheric keys.

Like its predecessor, 'Superstition' will not be for everyone and it's an acquired taste due to its varied influences. But I have to admit this is one of two albums that I been unable to stop listening too repeatedly this issue*. This isn't one for traditionalists, but if you also have a similar eclectic taste that ranges from Pop to Hard to Atmospheric Rock, then The Birthday Massacre may also be for you.

Dave Scott

(* Fireworks Magazine #67)

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