Burning Black - 'Remission Of Sin'

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Burning Black - 'Remission Of Sin'

Good and consistent they may be, but they haven't quite found the spark to stand out.

Whilst Italy may be better known for Opera and Classical Music, Burning Black are solid evidence of a healthy Metal scene too. Having been around since 2008, 'Remission Of Sin' is their third album, packed full of Power Metal riffing, some excellent lead work and in Dan Ainlay, a vocalist who can hit notes in the Rob Halford range when required. All the elements for a great album are here and yet overall I just don't think they have nailed it – yet.

The short atmospheric instrumental of 'Do Lung Bridge' sets the scene before the battery of 'Mercenary Of War' kicks in with strong riffs combined with a touch of melody underneath from some subtle keyboards. With a lengthy harmony lead section there's even a nod towards the sound of Fireworks fave Rockers Ten when they hit full throttle. 'Flag Of Rock' is more straight-forward Rock with a catchy, anthem-like chorus before 'Crucified Heart' (a highlight of the album) with its pure Power Metal driving drum rhythms akin to the Judas Priest classic 'Rapid Fire'.

Ainlay's vocals are raw and gritty, full of aggressive intent and thankfully they know how to use his range without any overkill screaming just for the sake of it. 'Spaceman's Theory' is another short semi-acoustic instrumental leading into more powerful guitar work from Chris Jeremy and Eric Antonello, with 'Far Away' and 'True Metal Jacket' in particular providing a strong finish to the album.

Yet despite all the positives there's just something lacking overall. I've listened to the album five or six times for the review with no real faults and would happily hear it again, but once 'Remission Of Sin' comes off the playlist and back in the box, I don't think there's enough to really draw you back to it; no nagging riff, no monster chorus that really embeds itself in your brain. Live, I'm sure Burning Black will kick up a storm and would be a great watch around the Metal festivals of Europe. Good and consistent they may be, but they haven't quite found the spark to stand out and give any sort of longevity to the album.

Ian Parry

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