Robby Valentine - 'Bizarro World'

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Robby Valentine - 'Bizarro World'

Be prepared to be wowed by the 'Bizarro World' of Valentine.

Seven years have passed since his 'Falling Down In Misanthropolis' tome, but Dutch virtuoso Valentine (of the Robby variety) is finally back with his latest offering 'Bizarro World' and it's definitely been worth the wait.

Probably best known for his overblown, bombastic, orchestral arrangements, these have been less in evidence in latter releases and the same is mostly true here. What you do get however is a truly eclectic mix of perfectly crafted songs all with exquisite arrangements from the pen of a genius.

From the pure Pop perfection of the first single 'You're Tearing Me Down', the infectious groove of 'From Dusk Till Dawn', the Rag-time of 'Deadbeat Boy' to the slightly edgier 'Rockstar' or 'Schizophonicated', the ground this album covers is vast and diverse. There's odd synth grooves, dance beats, notes high enough to have all the local dogs running to your door, heck I swear I heard the kitchen sink in there too and it's all glued together by his trademark harmonies (both vocal and guitar).

Standouts are hard to pick as they are all so good but the more traditional Valentine sound of the title track sets things off in the right direction, whilst the wonderful 'Close The Door' and perhaps my favourite of all the anthemic 'Black Rain' with its perfect sing-a-long chorus are probably the pick of the bunch.

If you're looking for a traditional Classic Rock album, this probably won't be your cup of tea but if you are in the market for the sort of album Queen used to dish out at their peak (think 'Sheer Heart Attack' era) then this is for you. The first pressing sold out in just about a week so make sure you order yours soon and be prepared to be wowed by the 'Bizarro World' of Valentine.

Neil French

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