Cats In Space - 'Too Many Gods'

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Cats In Space - 'Too Many Gods'

Cats In Space have landed. Prepare to pick your jaw off the floor.

Cats In Space may well sound like a parody of The Muppets famous pigs and yet while they do have a daft name, these Cats have a delicious sound. Settle back, set the controls for "S-E-V-E-N-T-I-E-S", hit go on your time machine and await the thunder-blasts and laser fire of 'Arrival' to whisk you back to one of (if not) the best album of 2015.

Bold claim but with bold sounds to back that assertion 'Too Many Gods' will be utterly indispensable for anyone with even the merest passing interest in the classic sheen of the 1970's Rock that set the tone and standard for much of the music we still hold dear. This isn't an album that shows an understanding of what made music so good four decades (ouch!) ago, it's an album with a crisp, contemporary production that somehow belongs in that era in a way so few retro albums could even aspire to.

So who are these Cats...? Well between them Greg Hart, Paul Manzi, Steevi Bacon, Dean Howard, Jeff Brown and Andy Stewart, and their guests Mick Wilson, Greg Camburn, Janey Bombshell, Andy Scott and Mike Moran can boast time with everyone from The Sweet, T'Pau, Ian Gillan, Asia, and Robin Trower, to 10CC, Arena, Moritz, Airrace and Statetrooper! However when you factor in a set of songs which genuinely sound like they belong in the catalogue of ELO, Queen, 10CC or Cheap Trick (and so many more... Supertramp, Meat Loaf...) then we're in the presence of something special indeed.

You may have heard "lead-track" 'Mr Heartache' doing the rounds on the net and if you have, doubtless you'll have loved it and been singing it for days after. However that is merely the tip of an iceberg big enough to sink any number of Titanics. The arrangements sound as though they've been lovingly sculpted into shape by the hands of masters, while the easy, relaxed and assured style in which everything is delivered is a joy to behold. There are vocal harmonies that can easily rival John Payne era Asia, and (dare I say it) even Queen in their pomp, and that really isn't a claim you make without giving it serious consideration. However for proof simply sample the Kiss boogie and CT guitar solo of 'Unfinished Symphony', the acoustic 10CC seduction of the saxophone-infused 'Schoolyard Fantasy' or the swooping, soaring strings of 'The Greatest Story Never Told'. And we haven't even mentioned the stomping ELO sing along of 'Stop' or finger clicking, tubular bell clanging 'Last Man Standing'.

Cats In Space have landed. Prepare to pick your jaw off the floor.

Steven Reid

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