Romeo's Daughter - 'Alive'

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Romeo's Daughter - 'Alive'

I do like a good live DVD and this one is a keeper for sure.

I have a bit of a long history when it comes to British AOR veterans Romeo's Daughter, with fond memories of gigs some twenty odd years ago and also of drooling over Leigh Matty, their talented and rather sexy vocalist. They never reached the heights that were expected (or hoped for) after they were bunged together with producer supreme Mutt Lange for their debut. I have to admit, I was personally delighted when they recently came out of retirement to do a few shows and then release a surprisingly high quality album on top.

Just over a year ago now, they recorded their gig at The Guildhall Theatre in Derby for posterity and (hopefully) profit, and the result is this rather spiffy DVD and CD combo that seems to have been slipped under the review radar, which is a shame. I say a shame, because anyone who has fond memories of the band will love 'Alive'.

It doesn't possess any sort of massive production and the crowd are not the most mental you will ever have seen (although they get better as the gig goes on), but the music and overall quality are both first class. Seventeen tracks are aired (with two surprising omissions being the singles 'Don't Break My Heart' and 'Attracted To The Animal'), with a track listing that runs from 'Heaven In The Back Seat' through to recent releases 'Trippin'' (an excellent opener and my favourite from the last album) and 'Alive'. There's not a single filler in sight (or sound) and the band are tight as you could ever want.

I do like a good live DVD and this one is a keeper for sure. It sounds absolutely brilliant for starters and as usual the band look like they're having fun. Once the audience get warmed up (well, it was October) and join them, the atmosphere is a great one.

The mark of a good live album is that when you listen you wish you had been there, and 'Alive' hits that mark without any problems, so go and buy it.

Alan Holloway

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