Edge Of The Blade - 'The Ghosts Of Humans'

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Edge Of The Blade - 'The Ghosts Of Humans'

Edge Of The Blade should be rightly proud of this album.

Edge Of The Blade is the brainchild of guitarist, producer and studio engineer Andrew Chick with 'The Ghosts Of Humans' being their first album. The name of the band might be a new one to our scene but the remainder of its personnel will certainly be no strangers to many of the Fireworks readers. On drums you will find Alan Kelly of Shy whilst the vocals are handled by ex-After Hours vocalist John Francis. Together, these three men have recorded a powerful, melodically heavy slice of Hard Rock that I have returned to many times since it first arrived at Johnson towers.

There is something hypnotic about the harmonies and melodies that Chick and the band have used throughout this release and they have a way of coming to mind many times during the day, which only serves to give you the urge to go and play the album once more and enjoy it again at an ear splitting volume. However don't be fooled by the inclusion of Kelly and Francis, as this isn't a pink & fluffy (copyright Derek Oliver) AOR album. Instead, the songs are full of muscular and attacking guitar riffs, over-the-top drums and a vocal roar that I didn't know Francis was capable of. These facets all combine and work together so well that they make this first EOTB record a strong contender for debut of the year.

As soon as the album begins, your ears will be immediately pinned back, as the searing guitar riff of opener 'Vital Signs' hits you square on the nose. Francis' vocals then come in and the roar that I mentioned previously becomes another facet that is evident right from start; as he sings, he hammers home the melody of the song directly into your brain.

Following such a superb start could have been hard for a new (ish) band but wait until you hear 'Believer', 'The Taken' 'The Ghosts Of Humans', the Black Sabbath riffage of 'Who's In Control' and the stupendous hook-filled 'River Runs Red' (which I personally think is one of the tracks of 2015) and you'll soon find yourself amazed that this is EOTB's debut album.

2015 is shaping up to be another fantastic year for Rock music and as long as albums come out that are as good as 'The Ghosts Of Humans', then I for one will be more than happy. Edge Of The Blade – and more precisely Chick, Kelly and Francis – should be rightly proud of this album.

Ian Johnson

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