Pavlov's Dog - 'The Pekin Tapes'

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Pavlov's Dog - 'The Pekin Tapes'

If these are baby pictures, cooing over them is mandatory.

The gravy train keeps on rolling. After the rediscovery of Pavlov's Dogs' patchy third album 'Has Anyone Here Seen Siegfried', we have this little bunch, some of the first things they recorded, which were taken to record companies with ABC paying $650,000 but asking for a re-recording, so this is a leftover which could be seen as a useless cash grab.

Thankfully, this gravy train is tasty. Yes, we've heard these tracks before, but that doesn't make them any less exciting; the tracks on debut 'Pampered Menial' are bigger and warmer, but these have a gentle charm. 'Fast Gun' still has that gorgeous unfolding riff, rolling down a hill and meeting the shrieking organ of 'Natchez Trace' whilst the Honky-Tonk Funkiness of 'Stomp Water Magic' has organ and violin goodness.

One of the selling points here is the full version of 'Preludin And Fellacio In E Minor' which is only a scrap on the debut. Here it's very Prog, unfolding with no urgency until a bass grabs it by the lapels and a whizzy synths nods approval and snakes around the building notes; if we end up at a faceless monolith, rather like yomping ten miles to end up at a shopping centre, is it a frippery? Whatever, the journey is nice.

David Surkamp's Roger Chapman bleat is an acquired taste of course, but their talent and possibility are palpable; the bonuses are earliest available recordings and are not necessary or particularly welcome, but this is really enjoyable. Let's not beat about "le bush" here, it's not essential, but with scant offerings from a pretty exemplary combo, this is a bit of a treat; enjoyable and much fun to be with.

If these are baby pictures, cooing over them is mandatory.

Steve Swift

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