Science Faxtion - 'Living On Another Frequency'

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Science Faxtion - 'Living On Another Frequency'

Bizarre and eclectic, but undoubtedly interesting and extremely well composed and performed.

Science Faxtion is the brainchild of bassist Bootsy Collins, and the pictured five- piece band also comprises singer/guitarist/producer Greg Hampton, longtime collaborator Brain on drums, DJ Botieus handling a lot of the programming and Buckethead on guitars, although a number of other famous names crop up on the credits. It’s an unusual piece of work to say the least. “Whenever bass legend Bootsy Collins and guitar shredder extraordinaire Buckethead get together, it’s a given that new sonic ground will be broken,” runs the biog, and certainly this is a long way removed from the mainstream. Once you get through the – depending on your personal taste – Zappa-esque or just king awful scene-setting intro cut ‘Sci-Fax Theme’ ‘Living On Another Frequency’ gives rise to a melting pot of jazz fusion, funk, rock and metal with a hint of soul, a hint of Hendrix and a touch of Chuck D on ‘What It Is’. 

‘Living On Another Frequency’ is, yes, bizarre and eclectic, but undoubtedly interesting and extremely well composed and performed. However you slice it, to my mind there’s always the ghost of Frank Zappa (who, let’s face it, popularised the weird and wacky almost forty or so years ago) haunting the background of material such as this, and if ‘Sheik Yerbouti’ or ‘Joes’ Garage’ floats your boat, Science Faxtion is probably something you’ll groove to.

John Tucker

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