Tom Fuller Band - 'Abstract Man'

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Tom Fuller Band - 'Abstract Man'

A well crafted and enjoyable fourteen song collection.

Chicago native Tom Fuller's follow up to his debut 'Chasing An Illusion' issued in 2005, comes in the form of 'Abstract Man', a well crafted and enjoyable fourteen song collection which demonstrates, in my opinion, something for everybody. The full back story to the album can be found in my interview with Tom elsewhere in this issue, but suffice to say, for someone who has only spent a relatively short amount of time in the business and this is only his second record, there's some astonishingly consistent quality throughout. 

Kicking off with the breezy 'Radio Man', it's a great laid back yet vibrant tune which would be a perfect song to play with the top down during a summer afternoon. The new single, the bouncy 'Lollipop Guild' follows suit with an infernally catchy chorus and some cool guitar flourishes. The title track offers an acoustic lead line underpinned by a thumping bass before you're hit by a glorious chorus. Also noteworthy is a marvellous re-working of the Hollies classic 'The Air That I Breathe'. Tom's cover of this is a convincing rearrangement which makes it sound like a Tom Fuller song and is a perfect fit with the thirteen original tracks.

Rather than talk about every track, I'll just say there's nothing filler on offer. Well worth mentioning though is the superb 'Only In America' - it offers a retro intro which comes straight from the sixties, but sounds modern, rocking and relevant, thanks to Rick Chudacoff's vibrant production work. It also features the best chorus on the album which comes and goes so quick, you can't wait for it to come back around. If you're smart, you'll go to Tom's website and download it for free. I guarantee it'll be in your head after one listen.

I wonder what album number three will be like?

James Gaden

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