Stormzone - 'Seven Sins'

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Stormzone - 'Seven Sins'

Powerfully melodic, dramatic and intense.

Ireland's Stormzone are back with album number five and John "Harv" Harbinson and the band have recorded what can arguably be called their strongest and best album to date.

The powerfully melodic, dramatic and intense 'Seven Sins' is based around a Harbinson story that deals with very strong subject matter, such as child abuse and disability. It sees the band's recurring character Dr. Dealer returning, this time as a Wild West "snake oil" salesman whose true purpose is to save abused children from their evil parents. Sending his many helpers to the towns he's about to visit, Dealer finds out who the abused and abusers are and then, along with his stunningly beautiful assistant Bathsheba, he sets about rescuing those whose lives are in peril, leaving the abusers to Bathsheba's violent justice which is both swift and devastating.

But a great story wouldn't go anywhere if the music wasn't a match for it and Stormzone have come up with an album's worth of music that not only matches the story but in many places eclipses it. Just sit back and listen to 'Another Rainy Night' with its clever guitar riff, powerful hook and striking arrangement and you'll instantly know that you're about to listen to something that's quite incredible.

From here Stormzone step off the brakes (if they were using any in the first place) and smack in you the face with wonderful songs like 'Your Time Has Come', 'The One That Got Away', 'You're Not The Same', the menacing 'Raise The Knife', the blast furnace caustic romp that is 'Abandoned Souls' and finally the two pronged closing attack that is 'Master Of Sorrow' and 'Born Of The Damned'. These songs will all leave you breathless but itching to hit the replay button once more so that you can enjoy the amazing songs from this album all over again.

'Seven Sins' is without a doubt Stormzone's tour-de-force and the ideas the band have for playing it in a live setting (see interview elsewhere) make this album an even more exciting prospect. As Melodic Metal records go, this one is a bit of a monster and it's definitely up there with the best ones I've heard this year.

Simply put (and because Harv is of course Irish), "it's a cracker" (sorry).

Ian Johnson

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