Luke Gasser - 'Rock 'N' Roll Welfare'

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Luke Gasser - 'Rock 'N' Roll Welfare'

His latest body of work is absolute quality.

Multi-talented artist Luke Gasser has really been exploiting his musical muse as we are greeted with yet another long player since his last offering just over one year ago. The album title alone is a perfect descriptor of its content; to promote the health, prosperity and relevance of the Blues-soaked and distortion-laden bands from the seventies.

While 'Flicker' was not without its faults, his latest body of work is absolute quality throughout and its beauty is found in its simplicity. Pulling no punches, Gasser delivers an intense, Hard Rocking album with a sound as bucolic as his voice. He unabashedly takes inspiration from The Rolling Stones ('Jane Again'), Bob Dylan ('Be Careful') and Bon Scott-era AC/DC ('Baby Please Don't Go') and delivers it with a Stooges rawness. Gasser is able to distill each of these influences song after song with a direct, no frills and reckless approach.

With his wild, frizzy locks that are as impressive as King Buzzo (Melvins) and copious amounts of facial hair, Gasser's image is a perfect complement to the music. His "rough around the edges" approach is a beautiful distillation of those aforementioned musical comparisons. Gasser's possesses a heat-seeking missile-like focus on 'Rock 'N' Roll Welfare' commencing with the opener, 'Sweet St. Veronica' and closing with an introspective acoustic composition entitled 'Summer's Eve.'

If you are looking for sublime musicianship, the world of Luke Gasser will not deliver. However, if there is interest in what it feels like to walk on coarsely ground crushed stones without shoes, then this album is an absolutely necessary addition.

Brent Rusche

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