Balflare - 'Downpour'

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Balflare - 'Downpour'

If you crave excellent melodic power in your Rock, then look into Balflare.

If 'Downpour', Balflare's fourth effort, is any indication of the state of Hard Rock/Melodic Metal in Japan, then as music lovers we have nothing to worry about, and everything to rejoice!

It's an album that resonates with power, melody and voice. Coupled with percussive runs at light speed, blistering guitars and scorching keyboards, it's no wonder that these five are considered one of Japan's top Speed Metal outfits! They combine their fast playing with exploring the Neo-Classical music plateau.

The result being a constant wall of sound, that is immersive and amazing. The music that lies in these groves is intense; even to the point that the group's lead vocalist seems to have some difficulty in keeping pace. However, that is such a small thing, as each member just kicks it on every number. A well-balanced forth effort, to be sure, and it should bring more international attention to this band.

If you crave excellent melodic power in your Rock, then look into Balflare. They are Japan's juggernaut; worthy of your attention, and expanding the frontiers of Melodic/Speed Metal from their home country.

Bruce E.J. Atkinson

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