Dee Snider - 'We Are The Ones'

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Dee Snider - 'We Are The Ones'

When a sixty-one year old still roars and stampedes this way, you've got to have the moral duty to face the world with twice the energy this human powerhouse delivers.

"I'm not anti the past. I'm not one of those guys sitting there singing about the glory days. To me, these are the glory days, and the days to come are the glory days. And this record is the part of my next glory days". (Dee Snider).

Well, should I add some more? The only way I had to find the stimulation and need to review this album was by grabbing my earphones, saddling my bike, getting out there and riding around the town without any destination or specific proposal in mind. Snider's voice just sounds like the most intimate, bestial and primitive reminder lying (too often sleepily) inside of you that imposes you to get up off your lovely buttocks and "LIVE, for God's Sake!" Sometimes, it's so hard to put into words sat in front of a luminescent piece of plastic something that's headed for absolute action and can hardly be contained.

When a sixty-one year old assaulting performer and ultra-veteran of Rock still roars and stampedes this way, you've got to have the moral duty to face the world with twice the energy this human powerhouse delivers. No matter if he peremptorily shouts out an actual call for revolution in a Modern/Punk-ish Metal hymn ('We Are The Ones') or gets in too deep with a fatal, hypnotic and mesmerizing episode with hints of the most sinister Alice Cooper ('Close To You'), Snider will slap you in the face and yet make your day.

How 'Over Again'can sound so fresh, positive and exciting, like a threesome between Simple Plan, MxPx and Pop Evil, and still belong to the Twisted Sister tradition is over my head, though it's understood that only an overwhelming charisma like his can make the difference. Likewise, 'Rule The World' and 'Superhero' could be easily associated with 30 Seconds To Mars' or Good Charlotte's most anthemic inventory, but without any hints of the teenage whinging drama. Conversely, they will uplift your soul to higher plateaus of vital awareness and make you realize how lucky and God-gifted you are. Just as the reason you are alive and healthy, differently from the ones who struggle with cancer and horrible diseases of any kind, the same ones Dee Snider saved a poignant and hopeful prayer for, reinventing and converting the Metal hit 'We're Not Gonna Take It' into a piano/voice duet that will definitely leave you alone with a renewed perception of your existence.

Enrico Navella

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