Motorfingers - 'Goldfish Motel'

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Motorfingers - 'Goldfish Motel'

It's rather a cracker.

This can be special at times. Hailing from Modena, losing and gaining members, their follow-up to 2012's debut 'Black Mirror' is here and it's rather a cracker. What they have managed to do is keep it greasy but retain the soaring, arena-sized choruses. It's a neat trick to pull off.

Surely you'll be bawling the earworms within 'Walk On Your Face' and 'Behind This Fire' with no embarrassment, they're still street smart. Indubitably you'll be air-guitaring to the greasy 'Pull The Tail' and squirming whilst the riffs of 'Eat Your Gun' rattle your left ear and the vocals lick your right.

Rigorously you'll be agreeing to the sentiment "I don't think I could change my dirty ways", particularly when 'Disaster' swigs a bottle of White Lightning, throws up in a bin and leers before revealing a shimmering Indie centre.

Yep, this is good alright. Not all the way through, some of the tracks here lose focus and replace a beating heart with a functional template, but the boys have generally got it happening over and over again.

Check in at this Motel, the heart-shaped bed is comfortable, just mind that odd item floating in the hot tub...

Steve Swift

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