Pristine - 'Ninja'

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Pristine - 'Ninja'

An impressive album that will appeal to those who like Female-Fronted, authentic Retro Rock.

Hailing from Norway, Pristine originally released their first two albums only in their home country, before getting them re-released worldwide in 2016. The band further increased their profile by hitting the road with Blues Pills. Once that was completed, vocalist and the creative core of Pristine, Heidi Solheim, went home, sat at the piano and composed the songs that make up 'Ninja'.

Not one to waste time, the nine tracks on here were recorded, for the most part, in just a single day, with three days of overdubs to follow. As soon as you hear 'You Are The One' you can tell, from the vibrant energy that greets you, that little polish has been applied here. Describing the music as free and fearless, the vocalist presides over a sound where the bass is loud and the treble is cutting; it's upfront in its approach and Solheim's vocals carry everything forward. 'Sophia' shows her range from the gutsy to the ethereal, and the smokey, Blues-tinged Gospel of 'The Perfect Crime' is the sort of song I could see Beth Hart tackling.

The Funk Rocker 'The Rebel Song' is a choice cut while 'The Parade' will surely keep your feet tapping. 'Ghost Chase' employs a swampy slide guitar whereas the title track is awash with Hammond Organ which will draw inevitable comparisons with Deep Purple. 'Jekyll & Hyde' was the only track I didn't really connect with due to its Psychedelic nature, but the haunting 'Forget' is certainly a song you'll remember due to Solheim's delicate vocals that will carry you softly to the end of the record.

Never outstaying it's welcome, 'Ninja' is an impressive album that will appeal to those who like Female-Fronted, authentic Retro Rock.

James Gaden

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